Slow Food Türkiye

Slow Food Türkiye

1-Adana for Heritage Food

Leader: Pırıl Bilici


To determine products that are rarely used and about to go extinctin and around the city of Adana; spread and preserve their biodiversity and bring local producers and consumers together. The aim is to increase awareness of these products and pass down the “Slow Food” concept and philosophy.

2-Slow Food Ankara

Leader:Aylin Öney Tan



Leader: Kenan Yurttagül


Raise awarenes of good, clean and fair food amongst people in Antakya and its many cultural heritages.


Leader: Ezgi Dursun


5-Balkon Bahçeleri

Leader: Leyla Kabasakal Güzeloğlu


6-Conservation of Mut’s Biodiversity and Ecology

Leader: Didem Şentürk


We came together as a group from Mut to join the International Slow Food Movement. Our aim is to carry out projects that will raise awareness about good, clean and fair food production at all levels in our town. Mut is located in an ecogically rich landscape. Its geographical location lends itself to very rich fertile lands. Majority of the city is made up of nomads who settled and their families. Traditionally, the people of Mut breed cattle, make cheese and weave rugs for a living. The Sertavul Pass on the Taurus mountain is 32 km away from Mut. Therefore, especially in the spring and summer season, everyone from the bigger cities passes through our town to reach the Mediterranean Sea.Our main goal is to remind locals of the rich vegetation of Mut and instill the Slow Food values into the culture. And to ensure that the values of Mut are an inspiration to the people passing through our city and purchasing our products.

7-Yeryüzü Pazarı Foça

Leader: Sevtap Barandır


Our goal is to protect the ecosystem with the “Phokaia” texture and to develop agricultural activities with natural farming methods and to keep the local gastronomy culture alive. To promote natural eating habits among local people and to introduce “good, clean and fair” products to consumers.

8- Yeryüzü Pazarı Tarsus

Leader:Fuat Togo


Established for the purpose of clean, good, fair local food for our society. ln our one year preserved community experiences, we had the chance to evaluate the mutual demands of the producers and the consumers.

9- Göbeklitepe

Leader: Muhammed Badıllı



Leader: Nihat Özdal


11-İda- Çanakkale

Leader: Mustafa Alper Ülgen


12-İzmir Bardacık

Leader: Nedim Atilla


13- Karaburun Food Biodiversity and Cultural Heritage

Leader:Rezzan Çakır


1) Promote local foods, support local producers and document the traditional products and dishes 2) Follow Slow Travel movement and share the ideas with the existing small tourism business, Agricultural Cooperatives, Youth of City Council and village women. 3) Raise public awareness on the philosophy of Slow Food, biodiversity, ecological issues and problems of Karaburun Peninsula and local seeds and crops

14- Kars

Leader: İlhan Koçulu



Leader: Güven Eken


16- Ortaca, from Eldest to Youngest

Leader: Gürkan Tetik


Muğla is one of the richest Province in the Aegean Region of Turkey. The most popular summer places of our country are in Mugla. Like Bodrum, Marmaris,, Fethiye. It is central to Yacht tourism. Mugla, an essential place in the region, determines the agricultural products and food species in the area. Previously utmost request to above mention towns for vacation from domestic and worldwide tourist, caused migration from the center to the seaside towns. people left behind their village for work. Therefore products and food culture began to disappear. We as academicians, tourism professionals, and chefs, will research and protects our heritage. Bring it back to our kitchens.

17-Preservation of Food Heritage of Tarsus

Leader: Yasmina Şelfun Lokmanoğlu


Celebrate the wide variety of produce that grows on the fertile lands nestles between Taurus mountains and the Mediterranean sea, by exploring and showcasing the rich and creative ways the population of this region has found an expression for them in their cuisine.

18-Preserving Food Biodiversity and the Ecosystem of Gökova

Leader: Serdar Ahıskalı


Gökova Slow Food Community aims to contribute to protect the biological diversity of the Gökova Special Protection Area by means of attaining a more sustainable food system, as well as to play a role in achieving Cittaslow criteria which is essential for Cittaslow Akyaka, located in Gökova SPA.

19-Preserving the Culture of Local Food of Kastamonu

Leader:  Gülsen Kırbaş


Preserving, sustaining and promoting the rich natural and agricultural heritage of Kastamonu, the nutritional, tradidions, products, local flavours and culinary culture that have been developed in connection with these and dates back a long time, and their utilization for the benefit of the social and economic development of Kastamonu. To ensure the cleanliness and originality of local agricultural products and to transfer them to future generations are the general objectives of the community.

20-Sakarya-Preserving Gastronomic Heritage and Biodiversity

Leader:  Kubra Sultan Yüzüncüyıl


We aim to protect and reproduce local heirloom seeds, bring nature friendly small-scale producers together and raise a safe food future. At the same time, our commnity aims to transform the purchasing behaviour of consumers and building sustainable food future through raising awareness amongst consumers.

21-Şile Palamut

Leader: Denizci Fatma


22-Slow Fish Mersin Save the Mediterrenean

Leader:  Ezgi Biçer Uçar


Raise awareness about clean, good and fair seafood in our region; preserve our local seafood species; educate small-scale farmers and make them natural protectors of the ecosystem; raise awareness about different recipes that make artful use of neglected species and hence prevent overconsumption of few species

23-Supporting Small Producers of Narlıdere

Leader:  İlke Engin


As the local municipality sets its goals for making Narlidere a gastronomy precint, we will strive to make it the center for good, clean and fair food. we commit ourselves to safeguarding the environment. Our goals will include defending the biodiversity of land and the sea, particularly supporting and promoting the fishing near the shores of Nardilere.

24-Sustainable Food Bursa

Leader:  Gökhan Işıkman


With its geographical feast from sea to mountains, its history in agriculture, its presence as capital city of the Ottoman Empire and its gastronomic structure combinig multitude of cultures, Bursa is a city that has a wide spectrum of cultures. Our aim is to detect and help develop the viable aspects of Bursa with the good, clean and fair disciplines of Slow Food. We work to get these detected values into the Ark of Taste list, prevent traditional values from disappearing and carry them into the future.


Leader:  Neptün Soyer


26- Trakya

Leader: Ali Çakır


27-Yağmur Böreği

Leader: Ayfer Yavi


28-Yavas Gari Bodrum

Leader: Deniz Kurtsan


29-Youth Adana, Halet Çambel Urban Garden 

Leader:  Esin Karatekin Gürani


Our common concern is our future. Food problems, climate changes and their consequences. A sustainable future. Primarily, taking action by focusing on all kinds of issues that will benefit the collective; which involves all living beings, the environment, the planet.

30- Toros Food, Nutrition,&Gastronomic Education

Leader: Çağla ÖZBEK


Teaching good, clean and fair food production and nutrition to every student and highlighting the local food culture and gastronomic values of Mersin together with the students, teachers, and cooks as well as with consumers and producers.